This website is about the flick Dead Man Drinking, a micro-budget film made by the guys who brought you Insecurity. However, unlike that film (which is a hacker drama) this one's a great deal sillier, as it was written over a few days while drunk on red wine in a Melbourne hotel room, and filmed over a number of drunken weekends in the later months of the year 2007.


Dead Man Drinking is out! It has been released under a Creative Commons 3.0 license, just like our first film.

For the moment, Dead Man Drinking is available in multiple formats at Alternatively, you can get the DivX version via BitTorrent at MiniNova.

Beyond the formats and material already available on, we are in the process of converting it into or providing the following additional material: a ~4gb DVD ISO version complete with audio commentaries and behind-the-scenes featurette, a ~4gb H.264 720p (That's HD) Quicktime version and high-quality PDFs of all the poster art and DVD covers.

If you have suggestions for more formats - let us know, and it may just happen!

PS. Don't forget to tell us what you thought.

Disclaimer: We had fun making this movie. We drank alcoholic beverages while doing so. However, despite the joviality, we are all over the legal drinking age and we did so responsibly. We also swore a lot both in the flick and during the making of. In summary: if you are under the legal drinking age in your present country, can't understand the difference between games and reality or find strong language offensive, then you probably don't want to be here.

In Dead Man Drinking, a discussion had by five friends results in four of them running off to house-sit for a long weekend while playing the game killer, a schoolyard game where each player has to "take out" targets over a period of time using everything from water pistols to bits of cardboard with "sword" written on them.

Leanna Lysenko (Jen Greiss) is attractive, 25, and has changed University degrees so often that she knows almost every building at her Uni brick for brick. She has also consumed significant amounts of coffee and beer in her time at Uni, and has picked up a nicotine addiction for her troubles.

She's also been nursing a crush on her best friend for years that even she's at least slightly in denial about. Problem is her best friend Stacy is female - and straight.

Stacy White (Hannah Moltoni) is hot, and she knows it. Her favourite nights out have always involved a guy being manipulated into buying her drinks. She's been studying medicine for her whole career at uni. Of course, by 'study' we mean cajoling gullible friends into writing essays for her and scraping by almost every examination, both theoretical and practical, by the non-existent film on her meticulously maintained teeth.

Stacy is only to aware of every stare the three other players volley in her direction - and will stop at nothing to win. Because anything else is unbecoming.

Chris First (Peter Love) is a bedraggled guy who seems to run up against a brick wall every time he attempts to do anything. He's the common link between everyone, having known them all for years. He's never forgotten the brief semi-sexual encounter he had with Stacy 'back in the day', and half-heartedly hopes that the combination of alcohol, alcohol and more alcohol might just make the weekend worth more than the price of a few clean-skins.

Chris' biggest issues stem from his friendship the the bizarre ego-maniac Allan - a guy he met while moshing at the Big Day Out many years ago, and has never really had the heart to shake him loose. Besides - the guy frequently brings enough booze to a party to kill an Irish dockworker.

Allan Soeder (Kurtis Wakefield) is strong-willed, crude, an unstoppable booze-hound, and is completely sex-obsessed. However, three factors differentiate him from the bulk of the male population of Australia (who also share these characteristics).

Firstly, he's socially savvy enough not to drive more than two out of every three women running for the hills. Secondly, he's meticulously obsessed with strategy - and winning at everything regardless of who gets hurt. And finally, he wears a nicely aged leather jacket and knows a great deal about fine wines.

Three days. Four players. Four hundred standard drinks.

Who'll be the Dead Man Drinking?